Conductor Hans Ek

"I would dare to open doors for my dreams and follow them. With this concert I want to welcome, share and inspire. "

Birgit Bidder is most known as a pop artist in the broadest sense. Last spring Bidder made her opera denut in the role of La Musica in Wermland Opera's set of L'Orfeo. A new room for the powerful and ominous voice previously heard on records by Bob Hund and Ison & Fille - and almost frightening energy we've seen on stage with Mattias Alkberg and Veronica Maggio. Then the urge to tour ended and Bidder understood that it was time to do something new.

"Why would not I be worth writing music for a chamber orchestra?"

Music is music. The idea that classical music would be there as a prohibited area, which only some have access to, created tensions. Limitations and perceptions between people who should not exist. These Bidder wants dissolve within herself and others. On November 12 Birgit Bidder and Modern Fantazias, conducted by Hans Ek, performes newly written songs that Birgit arranged for chamber orchestra. After the concert at the Södra Teatern, participants and audiences meet in Södrans Bar to talk, here thoughts and knowledge should be made available.


Hans Ek


Kristina Ebbersten - violin

Andreas Forsman - violin

Erik Haag - viola

Anna Wallgren - cello

Anders Johnsson - bass

Henrik Westerberg - clarinet

Magnus Bagge - basoon

Per Texas Johansson - saxophon

Jonas Lindeborg - trumpet

Johan Norin - trumpet

Staffan Findin - trombone

Anders Haag - percussion

Kalle Thorsson - percussion

Moussa Fadera - drums

Birgit Bidder - piano

Julia Falthin - electric bass

Hanna Hart Persson - vocals

Sanne Stenbeck - vocals

Robert Elovsson - keyboard

Birgit Bidder

Södra Teatern 12 november 2014


”Birgit Bidder has a bite in her voice and a very strong artistic expression”

”In several songs she builds vocal layers, the music is varied, it stands on classic pop-rock-soul-basis and is still independent from the history of music. "You do not wanna know" feels like a spot hit with full force from the choir. "I'm your kid" is a work of art with sound collages of spoken voices.”

Sofia Lilly Jönsson, SvD

Rehearsal at Södra Teatern