Modern Fantazias interprets the Beach Boys, bluegrasszoombies, Elvis, hymns, Dolly Parton ...

For the third time, the chamber orchestra Modern Fantazia performes at Södra Teatern. This time, they dig themselves deep into the American soil. Dystopian marches, Beach Boys, bluegrasszoombies, Elvis, hymns, Dolly Parton, preachers, avant-gardism, backing vocals, Charles Ives, strings and highways urged to life in the surreal and unpredictable dream vision of America and the American.

Arranger and conductor Hans Ek has a unique position in the Swedish music scene. He has close relationships with Rebecka Törnqvist, the Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bjorn and Benny, Louise Hoffsten, Salem al Fakir, Ale Möller and many more. He is also responsible for the Polar Music Prize as an arranger and conductor and has orchestrated numerous films, notably "Let the Right One In".

Modern Fantazia consists of a distinguished cast of musicians including musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the cream of Sweden's improvisation musicians.

In the two previous concerts on Södra Teatern Modern Fantazia has done a fantastic collaboration with Ane Brun and at the next opportunity they interpreted Kraftwerks "Trans Europe Express".

We have loved every second.

"Entirely enchanting 'DN

It will be a concert unlike any you have ever heard.

A step into a world sculpted by David Lynch.

Modern Fantazias challenging the concert form.

Modern Fantazias is:
Hans Ek, condictor and arranger
Jonas Lindeborg, trumpet
Magnus Bengtsson, gituar
Hans Gardemar, piano
Tomas Berquist, percussion och keyboard
Joakim Agnas, trumpet
Karl Frisendahl, trombone
Geir Anfinsen, trombone
Magnus Bagge, basoon
Jonas Wall, reeds
Kristian Möller, clarinet
Anders Jonsson, bass
Karl Thorsson, percussion
Anders Haag, percussion
Ulf Strömqvist, percussion
Kristina Ebbersten, violin
Malin My Wall, violin
Tony Bauer, viola
Johanna Sjunnesson, cello
Edith Söderström, vocals

Highlights from american dream at Södra teatern