An anniversary concert in honor of John Cages work and influence.

On the 5th of September 2012 John Cage would have turned 100 years. Joining in on the world-wide celebration of this centennial, Bonniers Konsthall together with Drottningholm Palace Theatre will arrange an evening of concerts in honor of his work and influence. This event will mark the start of Bonniers Konsthall’s autumn exhibition More Than Sound and will be a contribution to the worldwide remembrance of Cage. It will be an evening that sees both Cage’s compositions and the performers own music, making this unique event in short, a celebration of Cage – and a celebration of sound.

Drottningholm Palace Theatre
5th September
20.00  – 22.30 

modern fantazias:

hans ek arranger and conductor

Jonas lindeborg   trumpet
sareida hildebrand   flute

johan söderlund   clarinet

henrik westerberg   clarinet

joakim agnas    trumpet

geir anfinsen   trombone

karl frisendhal   trombone

tomas berquist  drums, keyboard

kristina ebbersten   violin

malin my wall   violin

tony bauer   viola

kristina wirdegren   cello

anders jonsson   bass

birgit bidder   vocals

anders haag   percussion

ulf strömqvist   percussion

Karl Thorsson   percussion

stina hellberg   harp

katarina agnas   bassoon

andreaz heden  piano

a celebration of sound - modern fantazias celebrating john cage 100 years