Edda Magnason invites Hans Ek and Modern Fantazias to her concert at Södra Teatern in Stockholm

In late April one of Swedens right now most noted stars gives 5 exclusive concerts in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

When Edda Magnason for the first time in a long time meets her audience from the stage , she decides to give Stockholm crowd a special treat and brings Hans Ek and Modern Fantazias for a unique musical collaboration.

”...an awesome match: the addition of strings, winds and percussion give more body to Edda Magnasons intricate songs and makes them even more kaleidoscopic shimmering.”

                                                                                                            Dan Backman SvD                                           

Rehearsal with Modern Fantazias and Edda Magnason

at Södra teatern

Södra Teatern 2 may 2014

Stockholm Culture Festival 14 august 2014

Edda Magnason & Modern Fantazias