Danish Efterklang renews itself constantly, and their desire to experiment makes each concert a surprise. And they like to do things large scale - their collaborations with symphony orchestras like Britten Sinfonia, Danish Radio Orchestra, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Northern Sinfonia has received considerable attention.

After three immensely acclaimed albums - Tripper, Parades and Magic Chairs - they are now back with a number of great concerts and an album released 24 September - Piramida! The premiere of the entire project took also place in May at the spectacular Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

Now also Uppsala Concert & Congress has had the privilege of producing Piramida live! An exclusive concert with Efterklang reinforced by conductor Hans Ek and Modern Fantazias.

- It's great fun to get to do this show with Efterklang and Modern Fantazias. Efterklang is quite unique with its Scandinavian magic sound. A soundwhere pop meets the classical world and create something entirely new, says conductor Hans Ek.

The Piramida concert with Efterklang and Modern Fantazias becomes a concert experience that can not be compared with anyone else.

Uppsala Concert & Congress
18th januari