TRANS-EUROPE EXPRESS, the music of Kraftwerk, Eno, Bowie and Stockhausen.

Concert Chamber Orchestra interprets 1970s electronic music

Late seventies. Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne. Art music, pop, avant-garde and electronic music stand side by side, developed and inspires of each other. A nascent punk movement grows in the middle of this. This era has had enormous influence on how music sounds today. Modern Fantazia renowned chamber orchestra and Hans Ek seduced us early as last year when they, together with Ane Brun interpret works by Purcell, Cage, Satie and others.

Now, instead the Kraftwerk album Trans Europe Express and 1970s electronic music is at the center. Interpreted by the conductor and arranger Hans Ek and a chamber orchestra. All carefully directed by Jens Östberg.

Hans Ek, arranger, conductor
Jens Östberg, director, projections

Jonas Lindeborg, trumpet
Edith Söderström, piano, vocals
Joakim Agnas, trumpet
Karl Frisendahl, tombone
Geir Anfinsen, trombone, vocals
Jonas Östholm, piano
Kristian Möller, clarinet
Jonas Wall, reeds, tuba
Tomas Berquist, keyboard, trummor, sång
Anders Jonsson, bass
Anders Haag, percussion
Ulf Strömqvist, percussion
Magnus Einarsson, percussion
Magnus Bagge, basoon
Malin My Wall, violn, vocals
Emma de Frumerie, violin
Mikael Sjögren, viola
Johanna Dahl, cello
Hans Gardemar, keyboard

Article in DI Weekend 15 april 2011

Modern Classics at Södran

No one who performes would get the idea to change anything in the notes. Why should it be any different when orchestras perform classical works from pop history?

This is the starting point when the conductor Hans Ek at two unique concerts at the Södra Teatern in Stockholm, 6 and 7 May interprets the music of Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Brian Eno, and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The music is performed by 20 classical musicians with acoustic instruments.

"I love this music and want to see what happens when you transcribe something fundamentally electronically for acoustic instruments, "says Hans Ek.

"I do not intend to do remixes or cover versions without having a classical approach to the whole. To really translate every detail. "

Among the works that will be made available is the entire page two of Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express, three tracks from David Bowie's Low and Heroes (Warsaw, Weeping Wall, and V-2 Schneider), a part of Brian Enos Music for airports and Karlheinz Stockhausen Tierkreis.

"I look at the works as modern classics", says Hans Ek.

Hans Ek is one of Sweden's most eminent conductors. After he led the performance at last year's Polar Music Distribution Björk was so impressed that she wanted all of the performance on tape.

With Björk's blessing Hans Ek in a concert with Swedish Wind Ensemble interpreted three tracks from the album Vespertine with the same respect for original compositions.

Jan Gradvall

DI Weekend 15 april 2011

Trans Europe Express at

Stockholm Music & Arts august 2013